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Everyone has a favourite place, attraction or memory from their city breaks! So if the Brandenburg Gate blew you away, the Colosseum was classy or that little coffee shop by the Notre Dame did it for you then tell us about it. If you found a great "must see" that most people miss or isn't shown in the brochures you can share it with your fellow travellers and in return read their tips to help you choose the city breaks that suit you most.

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Great art galleries, a compact city centre and it's so close and easy to get to there is no excuse not to try it.

Jo, Norwich

Never seen so many bikes in my life. Instead of "people watching" we ended up "cyclist watching"! Quite bizarre watching a group of women going home after a night out, cycling in clubbing clothes and high heels! We hired a couple of bikes the second day and it was so much easier and cheaper than waiting for buses and paying for taxis to go round sight seeing and we also saw much more of Amsterdam. First time we have been there and just for the weekend, would reccomend it but next we will go for 4 nights so we can soak it up a bit more.

M Buchanan, Warrington

There are obvious connotations associated with Amsterdam but don't let that put you off what is a beautiful and cultured city. The bike is king here and even though you might have an idea of how many there are around and how centred the city is for the bike, you are still in for a surprise. A walk along the red light district is not to be missed for any visitor as it is a very safe place to go and is certainly eye opening and part of the city. The Heineken museum is a good place to visit for those they aren't into the traditional idea of a museum.

P. Bell. Wales


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The main tourist place in Barcelona is Las Ramblas but if you go just a couple of streets in any direction you can sometimes find a cheaper more local alternative for eating and drinking. The Spanish way is different to the UK way for a night out. Everything happens later (often dictated by the 9pm Saturday night football kick off) so if you go for a meal at midnight or 1am then don't be surprised to find every restaurant as busy as it will be all night. Clubs open 3-6 and don't get busy till 4.00/4.30. If you are really on it then there are also after club clubs that open 6 to 10. Awesome nightlife!

Wee Jock from Fife

The bars at the Marina are definitely worth checking out as is the beach. For a cracking view of the city and the docks you can get a cable car or walk up to Montjuic Castle. A visit to such a football centred city, and country, wouldn't be complete without a visit to the world famous Camp Nou, home of Barcelona Football Club. A self-guided tour is a good way to get away from the city centre for a couple of hours. We managed to get tickets for a game (league match, don't ask me the name of the other Spanish team!!) amazing atmosphere, thoroughly recommended.

Jason, Notts


Belfast is a nice city for a weekend. Good nightlife and people. Stormount is worth a bus trip.
GB, Derbyshire

City bus tour



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The Grand Plaza or Grand Place (it has a few names), basically the big gothic square in the middle of Brussels, really nice there, choccies are wunderful and waffles too.

Helen Q

Nice enough city with things to do. Some nice cafes. and restaurants.

Big D


The canals and bridges through Bruges, the old medieval houses and the feeling you have stepped back in time makes it an great experience. Marks out of 10 for Bruges versus Brussels? Bruges 10 - Brussels 1, sorry Brussels!


If you like chocolate this is for you, but also a very tall tower to climb (The Belfry), very scary on a day as windy as it was when I went up but its been there hundreds of years and I survived and was rewarded with cracking views of the city.

Scott S, Luton


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I have been there 4 times now, all on girlie weekends.I just love the Irish accents and crack you get over there. Some people think the Temple bar has been overdone but it's still the best for going out at night. If it is your first time do a bus trip they are brill for showing you around and the tour guys are really funny!!


Those girls, the accents! But also a fine Georgian city well worth a long weekend and the non smoking pubs are a bonus, very busy nightlife, fantastic.

Chris, Exeter


Edinburgh has got the lot, Edinburgh castle,Royal Mile, Princess Street. The tour of the Royal yacht is interesting to see the difference if you lived above or below the decks! The Rose Street pubs are great at night especially when the Fringe is on which makes a fabulous atmosphere in the city. I love this place!

Max, Oxford

Beautiful city with a lot of history. Views from the castle are amazing on a clear day. In August the atmosphere for the fringe festival is unbeatable.

Dave H

What a great city, probably the friendliest in Scotland, haggis and neaps - yummy!

ASC, Surrey


If you only go on one weekend break, go here. Florence has everything, great food, good wine, sun, stunning architecture and an unrivalled history, fantastic. Unbeatable.

The Sinfields

Don't miss the Ponte Vecchio bridge at night, it's so romantic my husband proposed to me there!!!

V Graham, Worksop


We went there at the end of February for the carnival it's an amazing time and it seems like all the population get involved. They seem to do other festivals all year and when we were there we were given leaflets for the Madeira wine festival in September which looked good

H&S Alston


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It has the indoor things, museums, art galleries etc. Theatres and clubs mean there are things to do in evening

James Bishop

Plenty of touristy stuff to do and good transport to get around it all. Just jump on and off the bus trips as they go round London. We saw "We Will Rock You" at the Dominium Theatre and it was a great show.

The Flying Scotsman

Great place, you can see the sights or just shop till you drop. Not just the normal high street names, there are really nice little markets like Camden which is "The Cool" place to go Sundays. China town is great, you can enjoy real Chinese food and soak up the local feel, you could almost be in Hong Kong. All this and it's easy to get about.

Sam, UK

Went the week after the Royal wedding so still lots of bunting around! Highlight was definitaly the London Eye, only ten minute que and takes about 30 mins for full rotation, great all round views as you play "guess the landmark"!! River cruise was nice (see even more landmarks!) and it gave our feet a rest! Also National gallery in Trafalgar Square

Cath, Jan & Mel, Bristol


Madrid is a beautiful city with plenty of town squares to explore and enjoy a beer or coffee whilst relaxing. There is always some form of street entertainment, usually in the form of live music, to enjoy. A trip to the Bernabau is a must for football fans and even for people not into football but keen to experience what makes Real Madrid one of the most famous football clubs in the world.



Valletta has had so much history over the centurys so there are forts, barracks and museums round every corner, the old town is nice with no traffic and good views over the harbours and the rest of the city.

Irene and Mike, Dorset

View looking down over the city from the Barrack Gardens is amazing especially at sunset try some of the resturants or cafes in Valletta for lunch, fabulous food and value!! We found better Italian food in Malta than we did in Italy! Been twice and booking again this year!

Jess, Canning Town


shop shop shop till your credit card says no! Then force yourself to go to an art gallery. My wife loved it and now we have no money left for the next holiday!!

destitute husband


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The old town streets and squares around Palma Cathedral have a cosmopoliton feel that makes the best setting for a cappuccino, glass or two of wine and tapas while people watching. The grounds and fountain below the cathedral are a nice open space in an otherwise busy city. Waterfront area is nice too.

Alison and Rob

surprisingly nice, cathedral, marina and easy to get out of the city to take in a bit of the countryside, very hot in summer so white wine by the boats beats wandering round.

C. Cromer


I was amazed at the size of the Arc de Triomphe seeing it for the first time and the whole area of the Champs Elysee is wonderful. Food and drink is so good in Paris, the more "non-tourist" a resturant you can find the better the food. Boat trips down the River Seine for good views of the big landmarks. We have done a lot of city breaks in the last 20 years but Paris is very hard to beat.

Mr & Mrs K. MacKay, Edinburgh

One of THE landmarks in Europe and the Eiffel tower is one hell of a piece of engineering that is well over 100 years old, from any angle it's awesome and the view of Paris from the top is magic. I wasn't even bothered about going to see it but so glad we did. Live in London but Paris is nearly a second home for us because of Eurostar. No airports, transfer, just the best way to travel

Tarik, Woodford


The Old Town area round the the Clock Tower and square are lovely. On the downside they make the worst dumplings in the world there!

Elaine M, Greenock

Stay in the centre, it is a bit touristy now but still retains all its character and distinctly Bohemian atmosphere. If you havent visited Prague before you'll will recognise a lot of places from films.



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Austria at its best, classic views from the fort, rivers mountains, great beer. Music and Mozart everywhere and we didnt even catch sight of Julie Andrews!

Gareth, Newport


Real Spain with real Tapas bars (everywhere!) best advise is DON'T eat then go out for a drink, go out for a drink, have tapas, move on for another drink and tapas, then on for another drink and tapas (see the trend?!). Eventually you will end the night full of food, half drunk and usually lost! It's a holiday, enjoy!!!



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The lagoon boat trips are nice, St Marks Square great and lots of arty stuff too

Jean Player


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Open bus tour is good way to get around, hop on and hop off where you want, don't miss York Minster very spiritual and walls good to walk round too. Shops in the Shambles is very old world.

Suzy, Essex girl!


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